The Summer Palace Royal Garden

Summer Palace in Beijing, Haidian District, northwest territory, is the best preserved and largest imperial garden, is the world famous tourist destinations, are the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Summer Palace Park Imperial Summer Palace was originally a palace and gardens. AD 1750, Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Yi Park converted here. In 1860, Qing Yi Park is the British and French troops burned. In 1888, Empress Dowager Cixi diverted 30 million taels of silver in funding reconstruction of the Navy, renamed this name, for the Summer Recreation ground.

By 1900, the Summer Palace will again be “Boxer Rebellion” of the destruction and burning of many buildings. 1903 repair. Later in the warlords, the Kuomintang rule, will again be destroyed, continued after the liberation of repair, so that this ancient landscape was rejuvenated.

Summer Palace, an area of ​​290 hectares (4350 acres), of which the surface about 3/4. Longevity Hill on the gardens as high as 41 meters as the center of Buddhist Incense, depending on location and terrain, the configuration of the house, hall, pavilions, corridors, pavilions and other fine buildings. Build a foot of the mountain 728 meters long corridor, like a color of red to a wide variety of buildings and mountains, blue linked together.

The ingenious idea of ​​garden art, garden art in the history of Sino-foreign status significantly, is rare in the world of garden art.

Summer Palace Park Summer Palace, Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill mainly composed of two parts. The total area of ​​over 290 hectares. Longevity on the hillside of Buddhist Incense, copper Pavilion, built temporary km long lake gallery, Kunming Lake in the Seventeen Arch Bridge and Marble Boat are all visitors will come to the attractions. Summer Palace is located in the west of Beijing, about 10 km from the city. Both can take the suburban buses, tour buses can also take the line to.

The huge mountain surface water gardens, Kunming Lake Park area about the whole 3 / 4. But its surface is not monotonous, dotted around the lake in addition to a variety of buildings, there is a lake in South Lake Island, a beautiful seventh hole by the bridge and connected to the shore. west of the lake, there is a Sai, dike repair, there are six form a beautiful bridge.

There are many attractions is the Summer Palace to follow some of the advantages of the southern gardens. If imitation is the Garden of Harmonious Interests garden construction in Wuxi Chi Chang. Sai is the imitation of west Lake in Hangzhou Sir Georg Solti.

Summer Palace Park Summer Palace before the middle of the mountain, is a group of large buildings, from the top of the wisdom of the sea, down the Tower of Buddhist Incense, Gradoville Hall, Pai Yundian, Pai Cloud Gate, Yunhui Yuyu Square, constitute a distinct central axis. On both sides of the axis, there are many buildings in foil. Down along the mountain, there are many rockery tunnel, visitors can walk through from top to bottom.

Summer Palace of the mountain, its design patterns will vary with the former mountain utterly. Before the grand style of the mountain, magnificent, and then mountain pine Youjing and bridges is based on Qushui win.  Empress Dowager Cixi “behind a screen” period, naval affairs, the Prime Minister to please the Empress of Prince Yi, on the set up under the name of the navy school, and began repairing the Qing Yi Park types of jobs, and take “Home for the red and the” meaning, renamed “Summer Palace”.

Project lasted for nearly a decade, until 1895 was basically over. 1900, Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing, the Empress with a dynasty fled to Xi’an, the Summer Palace has been destroyed, returned to Beijing from Xi’an Empress after he spent large sums of money, the Summer Palace repair. This summer has not only become Empress old age, sightseeing, to celebrate the birthday of the Regency, but her internal affairs, foreign affairs, political activities of the palace. 1914, the Summer Palace as a royal garden from the Qing imperial ticket open. 1924, Qing emperor, Pu Yi left Beijing, the Summer Palace into the park.

west of the Summer Palace, Ming Yuan Jing. Yuquan Park has towering mountains, with the prestigious “Yuquan sudden jump” springs, strange and beautiful scenery attractive, as one of four famous gardens in the suburbs of Beijing.

Summer Palace Park

Summer Palace Park

Summer Palace Park

Summer Palace Park

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