The Ming Tombs of Changling

Ming Tombs located in Changping District of Beijing Tian shou foothills, west north and surrounded by mountains, is a more complete and save the world’s largest graves buried emperor. Hilly area of about 120 square kilometers. Within the mountains, the hills were built in the mountain surface water, the layout of solemn harmony.

The Ming Tombs Ming Yongle Yongle Emperor ZhuDi of the Ming Tombs seven years (AD 1409), is the first hill hills, the main peak in the days before Shoushan. After construction of the Mingren Xianling, Xuanzong Jingling, Yingzong Yuling, Xianzong Maoling, Xiaozong Tailing, Wuzong Kangling, Sejong Yongling, Muzong Zhaoling, Shen-Ming Tomb, the first Zong Qingling, Mu Zongde Tombs eleven were located in the Changling Mausoleum on both sides of the hill. Up to seven kilometers of the central hill Changling Shinto (Shinto of total) and the Tomb connected.

Zhu Ming Chong Zhendi of thought by the prosecution is the last of a mausoleum tomb, located in the hilly southwest corner, the Department of Princess grave switch, Shunzhi first year (1644), when Dingling name, additional building on the ground. In addition, the Ming Tomb area also has seven Princess grave, the tomb of a eunuch, and had built a palace, Yuan You and other ancillary buildings, was built around ten off the city.

The sacred way Castle surrounded here, beautiful scenery, a radius of about 40 square kilometers in the small basin, the patchwork distribution of the 13 Ming Dynasty emperors tomb, later known as the Ming Tombs. Now there has become a world famous tourist sites. Since the tomb area is too large, the general visitors to the main tour two of the tomb, one is the most magnificent building specifications Changling, one is the underground palace excavated Dingling. Each one has an underground palace tombs, but uncovered only Dingling this one. Visitors enter the cemetery, first of all would be arranged in 18 pairs of stone figures on both sides of the road and Shishou interest. These huge stone figures, Shishou, carving fine, vivid, is a precious ancient art. They said that before his death also, and as Emperor after the death of master of everything. These huge stone, and some volume of 30 cubic meters, is the use of KLA splashing into the ice on the road, hauled the statue to the trail on the ice here.

The grand scale of the Changling Changling of the Ming emperor Yongle Emperor Zhu Di, the third tomb, the main temple building edges En, and the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City as large as the total area of 1956 square meters. It is a bit more prominent than the Hall of Supreme Harmony, which is its columns, beams, purlins, rafters and eaves all use of Phoebe, the hall of 32 pillars, all with gold were made of the whole root. It was said that just from the origin of these huge cemetery transported to Phoebe, to five to six years time. This thick Phoebe, Phoebe so magnificent buildings in the country, is no just enough, so the house is is especially valuable. 22 years when Emperor Zhu Di, the emperor’s first 6 years he began to build the tomb, sharing a 5 years.

The Ming Tombs Experienced in the late Qing Dynasty, the Ming Tombs, the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of three different historical periods, several hundred years, although subjected to natural factors such as wind and rain thunder hail damage and local vandalism, but the main building of the tomb is still preserved good, clear and complete pattern of the cemetery, well preserved underground tomb. Descendants of ancient buildings and monuments were not excessive intervention and change, there is no damage to the natural environment, a high degree of authenticity and integrity.

Ming Tombs are mountains Mountains surrounding the military, in the Mausoleum domain east, west and north to form a natural barrier encircling the northern peak of three peaks Kaleidoscopic Shoushan days, the peak elevation of 760 meters, is the highest hill. Among the mountains, is the formation of small alluvial flood basin, Shanhe in the central section of the flow in the plains, the meandering east. Longshan hill south, either side of Tiger Mountain, Hu Ju dragon, guarded the portal. Plain north stands, towering mountains, range upon range of mountains; climb the south balcony, river eddy whirl, Kawahara open. This majestic spectacular geography, feng shui is the ancient Chinese theory of highly recommended “four potential perfect,” “mountains and big together,” the imperial mausoleum Kyrgyz soil.

The Ding Tomb Ming Tombs of the natural environment elegant mausoleum building large-scale, system is complete, the overall outstanding mausoleum system of unique style, the history of the Ming Dynasty in China 200 years of art and architectural planning and construction of the mausoleum of the highest representative. And its historical relics, and from the other side of the record of the rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty, Ming Dynasty recorded the culture, art, science and technology development.
Ling Ling as the center above all, God Road from the south gate up to Changling. Up to 7 km in the main path, constructed stone arch, a high official doors Pavilion, China, stone figures, Dragon Gate and other construction. These are not only the symbol, which is also used to create Yeling atmosphere.

Muqu great Ming Tombs, the general visitors to the main tour two of the tomb, one is the most magnificent building specifications Changling, one is the underground palace excavated Dingling.

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